Love Heart Pictures

I have a love of paper, I have been collecting and making different patterned and textured papers for over twenty years. These heart designs on wood incorporate hand-made, (printed and painted) recycled paper from magazines, books, catalogues, photographs, specialist decoupage papers and even wallpapers! They are applied to the wood and coated many times with Mod Podge to create a smooth sealed surface, which also brings out the beauty of the wood.

They can be made to order with your own colour specifications, including personalised text or even incorporating your own wallpapers if you have samples! Making a truly one of a kind artwork that matches your home décor.

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Ethne love Pop girl Pretty in Pink
Pretty in Pink Urban Naturals
Sea of Love Only You
Lilac and Lime Love Ballerina Rainbow Love #1 jumble love
monochrome love ducky egg love The Sea...for Jan x

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