Love the smell of burning wood.

Posted on 1st November 2014

After a lovely holiday in Cornwall with my family and summer in my garden, I really felt the need to get back to my fairy roots, and my love of wood and trees. I decided to get out my pyrograph, it had been a long time so I felt like I was learning again, I started with a few small pictures including a cute fairy toadstool house.

A friend of mine saw what I was upto and told me of Havens Children's Hospice who were attempting a Guinness world record yarn bomb themed on The Magic Faraway Tree, she suggested I sent them a picture and so started the idea to pyrograph a fairy tree.

From the idea of the fairy tree soon camea request for apyrographed family tree, this one with an oak tree theme, I so pleased with how it turned out, the family request for a couple of 'love' blue birds was a lovely addition. This addition of colour has given me ideas for mixing decoupage with pyrography in future projects.


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