Nothing's Changed


I'm lighting this candle again

Knowing exactly where this will end

Praying for so much more, already know the score.

You catch your footing as the ground falls

Whilst a hole opens up and in I crawl


Say what you want, nothing's changed

I wanna know how this will flow

Will it break, will it fork or bow

I need to let the cracks appear

Then fix it all, have no doubts, all clear

You hold your head as the waters swell

While I dive and sink hoping you'll tell


Say what you want, nothing's changed

Never see the changes happen

'Cos you're not looking for things to fix

Whilst I was inside searching, you just held on to all the bricks

You feel the weight as it starts to lift

Whilst I feel the push of each and every gear shift


Say what you want, nothing's changed.


Nicole Perrott Hughes 2017.